The ADL Software Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to the mission of empowering anyone with the desire to code with the ability to do so.

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What is ADL?

Agnostic Development Language (ADL) /əˈdɛl/

is a dynamic computer programming language created to simplify programming. It leverages a well-known "boxes-and-arrows" metaphor used in applications such as OmniGraffle and Microsoft Visio. ADL is intended to enable developers, at any level of expertise, to build programs visually by using logical flows instead lines of code.

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Why ADL?

ADL is open-source

ADL and its language-specific interpreters are open source. As we work together to improve the features and functionality, everyone benefits.

Write Once, Run Anywhere

ADL is super-portable. Whether you're adding functionality to websites or native apps, or building backends, you can use ADL anywhere and everywhere you want code.

Code visually

Use logical "boxes and arrows" to create functionality for your websites, native and web apps, and backends.